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state specific child custody laws, parenting plan agreement , mediation, evaluation, court hearing, and family law judicial legal procedure

State specific child custody laws in the United States of America (USA) play an integral part in any legal parenting plan (aka child custody agreement) procedure, mediation program, parental-family evaluation, custody court hearing, or family law judicial litigation process.  If your searching for state specific child custody laws it’s because you are looking for help, advice, and support at a critical point in your life.  Children are always a blessing, and when parents are in a custody dispute it creates tremendous stress, and anxiety for both parents and often the children as well.

State specific child custody laws in the United States will vary from state to state.  The difference depends on each states specific laws and statutes regarding  child custody, and the parenting plan agreement, mediation, evaluation, court hearing, or any judicial legal process.  Regardless of whether or not you acquire an attorney-lawyer for professional advice, or to represent you during any judicial process; you will want to personally know and understand the child custody laws and family laws that are specific to your state.  Not knowing undermines your ability to not only represent yourself in court, but it also decreases your ability to effectively communicate with your attorney or lawyer.

Educating yourself on the state specific child custody laws will empower and give you the confidence you need with any of the parenting plan agreement, mediation, evaluation, and court hearing proceedings that may lie ahead.  Don’t think for one second that you can just expect everything to work out perfectly with or without professional help.  If you decide to hire a lawyer or attorney just remember, any lawyer-attorney representing a well  informed, and engaged client will automatically be more engaged with your case, and give you the best advice and representation possible.  Lawyers and Attorneys are human just like the rest of us.  If they have a client that is uninformed, and not engaged their motivation and performance will decrease accordingly.

Most importantly, stay positive, keep your head up, and keep your stress in check.  Learn to feel your emotions, but use logic when it comes to making decisions.  A child’s best interest should always be considered first. Don’t be selfish, think about what is best for the children and put yourself second.  A parent’s love for their children can often confuse and clout their judgement.  Regardless of how you feel, focus on what is best for the children at all times. 

Your children will remember, and thank you once their maturity and age allow then to realize the choices, decisions, and sacrifices you made for them. 

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