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Grandparents' Rights in Indiana - IN Visitation, Custody, and Legal Strategies to Fight for Your Grandchildrens Best Interests Through IN Family Law

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Indiana grandparents’ legal rights, guidelines, regulations, and rules of law allow you to ask for visitation, and temporary custody of your grandchildren. IN grandparents can also file for full custody, guardianship, or adoption, to raise their grand-kids, through a IN family law custody court judicial process. The proper legal advice, guidance, and strategies are key to ensure a successful outcome to any predicament regarding your grandchildren. Fortunately, studies have shown that the “Best Interests” for your grandchildren is that they have an active relationship with their grandparents. Grandfathers and grandmothers can often provide a healthier and more stable environment than the children’s biological parents. As a result, Indiana’s “Best Interest of the Child” guideline fully supports a grandparents’ rights for visitation and custody. The legal extent to which you can visit, provide, and support your grandchildren will need to be determined and approved through a IN family law court hearing litigation process.

Children are all too often kept from their grandparents, or exposed to abuse and neglect. Typically, most if not all of these circumstances Grandparents Visitation and Custody Rights - Grandchildren Need Grandparents Help Protecting Them from Abuse and Neglectare completely out of their control. This unhealthy environment is a damaging situation for children’s emotional and physical well-being. Children often don’t have a voice to be heard, and it is our responsibility as grandparents to be that voice. A voice that defends, supports, protects, and cares for all grandchildren that so desperately need our help.

The Indiana Judicial Legal System Recognizes the Importance of Grandparents’ Rights Regarding Visitation and Custody of Grandchildren; and Fully Understands That Abuse and Neglect are Prevalent in IN Families.

IN family law fully acknowledges the ability for grandparents to provide a positive and stable environment. An environment, which is able to provide leadership, and a parenting platform so many children desperately need. Grandchildren even spending limited time with their grandparents can help provide the much-needed comfort and security that children require on a regular basis.

The situation grandchildren are exposed to varies greatly. Some are in a positive stable environment, and grandparents are simply denied access or may be allowed very limited contact with their grandchildren. The other end of the spectrum is a situation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you can prove your grandchildren are being subjected to an abusive and neglectful environment, the Indiana judicial system will act quickly and forcefully on your behalf. Don’t think for one second that as grandparents your rights will be restricted or limited. Remember, the “Best Interest of the Children” is a standard that is fully recognized and supported in the state of Indiana.

If your grandchildren are in an abusive or neglected environment you may file a petition for a IN child protective proceeding. If abuse, neglect, or imminent danger exist, child protective services may enforce an emergency removal of the children and place them into protective custody. A child protective proceeding is typically followed by a number of court hearings. A fact-finding court hearing is set to determine if the allegations are true. A dis-positional hearing is set to decide what should be done if the child has been neglected or abused. Finally, a permanency hearing is set to determine and finalize the permanent placement and security of the children.

It’s important to recognize, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was established to ensure that any Broken Families, Marriages, Relationships, Children, Teenagers, and Parents Need Help Nowchild custody litigation occurs in the child’s “home state”. The “home state” is defined as the last state where a child has lived for 6 consecutive months with a parent. This act was adopted to discourage parents from moving out-of-state in an attempt to manipulate the judicial system for whatever reason. Parental attempted kidnapping by moving children to another state or jurisdiction was one of the main reasons the UCCJEA was adopted.

Indiana Grandparents’ Legal Rights, Guidelines, Regulations, and Rules of Law Enable You to Defend Your Visitation Rights, Fight for Custody, or the “Best Interests” of Your Grandchildren Through IN Family Law.

The modification to your grandchild’s custody situation may be modified in Indiana on your behalf. In some cases it will be a temporary modification based on a continuing effort of both parents to SUCCESSFULLY overcome the obstacles that prevent them from retaining full custody again. Parents inability to provide a safe, stable, humane, and secure home environment can be due to many different factors, including but not limited to: (substance abuse, incarceration, mental health issues, anger management, poor leadership skill sets, endangerment, physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, divorce, etc.). In other cases you may be awarded full custody. Often times, full custody comes with the option to legally adopt your grandchildren.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have no legal rights in the state of Indiana when it Grandparents Legal Rights for Visitation and Child Custody - Family Law Custody Court Judicial Procedurescomes to your grandchildren. IN family law will help ensure your grand-kids get what they deserve and need. Remember to focus your efforts on their “Best Interests” at all times. Your grandchildren will thank you when they are mature enough to realize the decisions and sacrifices you made for them and their future.

I cannot stress enough, the fact that grandchildren need their grandparents. For some grand-kids seeing their grandparents on a regular basis is the best option. Others need to be removed from a physically and emotionally damaging environment permanently. Grandparents are often the first and best option for children to find the stable and secure environment they desperately need and deserve. Check out the links below to help secure visitation with your grandchildren, or fight for the rights of someone who is unable to defend themselves.

The time to act is now, because all children deserve the best that our society has to offer. As a Indiana grandparent you have rights. Grandparents Visitation and Child Custody Rights, Laws, Advice, Support, and Dispute Resolution Through Negotiation and Court LitigationThese rights enable you to request visitation, and also allow you to be a voice for someone who may desperately need your help and support. Life can come with many challenges, but if you believe that everything happens for a reason then life’s challenges will suddenly become an obstacle with a manageable solution. Don’t forget, Indiana grandparents’ legal rights, regulations, guidelines, and rules of law, regarding grandchild visitation and custody, were also legislated for guidance, advice, and strategies to support the “Best Interests of the Children” standard through IN family law.

12 Responses to “Indiana (IN) Grandparents’ Rights for Visitation, Custody, and Support”

  1. alicia irving says:

    I need to know if I as a grandparent with a past can adopt my grandchild. I now have a wonderful loving home and life through the love of Jesus. Can my past be used again me, and allow CPS to give my grandchildren to whoever they want? I have done everything to please the courts, now it feels like harassment because it’s one thing after another. 2 years of this. My past was put behind me the day I trusted God to save me and give me back my life. They are not looking at what I have done with my life now, but at my past many years ago. I feel like filing a lawsuit, because there is nothing that they can hold against me today. Can i get help on this?

    • james masterspn says:

      My step daughter walked away from my 18 month old granddaughter. My wife bit her boy on the wrist in 2011, when he attacked her and was chocking her out. CPS took the child to a foster home and we got court on Monday. I have no problems with my history. Any advice

  2. Michelle Chance says:

    Hello my name is Michelle. I have a 6 month old granddaughter I have been raising since she got out of Riley hospital at 9 days old. I have taken my daughter to court when my granddaughter was 3 months old and the judge said she is just a new mom. I have evidence of from Dr’s of medical neglect and her getting high and leaving my granddaughter in a running car alone while she was in a bar. I have been being my granddaughter’s voice for months and no one will listen. I honestly don’t know what to do or who to go to for help. My daughter is pregnant again, and she is still getting high. I have reported her to her OBGYN Dr, but don’t know what will happen. I really wish I could get someone to listen cause I’m scared for my granddaughter, and my daughter could come and take her at anytime. My granddaughter doesn’t know my daughter because she thinks I am mommy. So please if anyone can hear my voice so I can protect my granddaughter, I would really appreciate it. Also my granddaughter is very sick and my daughter knows nothing about her health, or her medicines. She won’t go to Dr’s or anything, and doesn’t help me buy things which I am not asking for at all. I just want it to be that my daughter can’t come and say I am taking her.

  3. Kay says:

    Son and daughter-in-law are divorced. He has kids, and have lived with me since kids were born. I raised them and payed for everything. He lives here, but doesn’t support kids financially or spend time with them. He has a girlfriend and supports her by giving her a car, money, etc. Now they are going to get married, and take the kids who hate the girlfriend. She has left her kids with their dad, and the kids mom has a traveling job and doesn’t come around but every 3 or 4 months and pays no child support. How or can I seek custody?

  4. Holly says:

    My granddaughter and daughter have been staying with me since May. My daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and frequently leaves for days without any contact. She has been hospitalized twice because she stops taking her meds. I am in fear constantly that my daughter will leave with my granddaughter without notice, and put her in an unsafe environment. She threatens to do this almost daily. What options are available?

  5. Bobette says:

    Ok, I have an unusual one. My son and his then girlfriend had a child. They were both doing drugs and she had already lost custody of her previous children to her mother. I asked my divorced daughter who always wanted children if she would take in my grandson until they got there lives together. They obtained an attorney and she got legal guardianship. My daughter became obsessed with this child and rarely lets any family see him. My son is only allowed to see him when it is convenient for her and when she feels threatened by him doing well she pulls him away completely. The last couple years she has kept him away from all family gatherings, and didn’t even bring him to her fathers funeral. I have asked numerous times if I could see him and there is always an excuse. My grandson believes she is his real mother, but know who his father is too. He is now 7 and I believe he was starting to question things which is why she has cut off all contact. Is there anything I can do. That is my biological grandson. His father who is my son has no problem with me seeing him. It is my daughters fear that he will find out the truth, or my son will straighten up and she will lose him. No one is out to take him from her. I just want to see him. I am 74 years old and just started battling breast cancer.

  6. Joyce says:

    My sons and his girlfriend get into fights and end up hitting each other. She hits first and he tries to walk away, but she jumps in front of the door. She belittles him in front of me, her family, and their girls. This last fight she punched him in his sleep, and it broke out into a fight in front of their 3 year old. It caused marks on both parents. She filed a police report, and he filed one on her. The officer that took the report hasn’t filed the report with the prosecutor or judge yet because he’s on vacation. These girls live in a violent home. She smokes weed and passes out and leaves the girls unattended. My son is addicted to pain pills. Both have tempers. Her father is a Registered Violent Sex Offender. Both girls have been around him. I contacted the sheriff’s department and they told me since they’re not the victims, he could be around them and any school he wants, which is not right. I reported this to CPS and they’re doing an investigation. Her mother is a dope head, and so are her brothers. I’m the only sober and stable one in the entire family. I told CPS that I want my granddaughter removed and put into my custody until this matter is settled. I know that the mom is going to be spiteful and try to keep me from my granddaughter because I turned her in. That’s just how she is. She also takes the bill money and blows it on spice and weed instead of taking care of priorities. Then bums money off from others to pay the bills. My son isn’t innocent in this. He has a temper and is jealous, but he has told CPS that I’m the better person to take care of my granddaughter. I’m also on Social Security Disability. My money is limited. I need to know if there is any lawyers that are Pro Bono in my area in Indiana willing to take on my case. I feel that I need my granddaughter. She’s 1 yr old. Her older sister isn’t mine, but her aunt I feel if she knew about it, she would take her in. Thank you for your help.

  7. Mandy Hill says:

    Thanks to the lovely grandparents rights in the state of Indiana my mother was able to take custody of my son! She had NO proof of any wrong doing against me! I’ve NEVER been in any legal trouble in my life! I own my own 3 bedroom home, have 2 cars, work full time. My son has NEVER missed any school or doctor visits. I have a very healthy loving life. My son is now in a horrible environment with my mother! She is very emotionally and mentality abusive. Her home is very unfit! But the courts gave her custody. There is a reason people are parents and grandparents! And grandparents should NOT have these kinds of rights!!!!

  8. Lorie High says:

    My daughter has been with a man who is doing drugs, and she recently was beaten up while driving in her car by him while the baby was in the back seat. He threw drugs on the baby and tried to run her into oncoming traffic. This isn’t the first time he has hit her. They have been jumping around staying with different with people for months. My husband and I make sure the baby never goes without. Last week, Child Protective Services (CPS) came to my house, and she told them that she and the baby were living here. She hasn’t stayed here but 2 days and brings the baby to sleep over night and gets him in the morning. The boyfriend is out of jail, there is a no contact order, and she is taking him around her abuser. He beats on her the baby sees it, and hears it. He’s so stressed out and delayed, they think he has autism. She is a mental mess, tells us we can have the baby, that’s she’s an unfit mother, and has told me she knows she neglects him. She is not emotionally able to care for herself, mentally a mess, no job, no stable home, or way to provide for him. Please help.

    • Amy says:

      If my husband writes a note saying that the kids stay with me no matter what, and we get it notarized will it hold any weight?

  9. Julie Granderson says:

    My husband and I have been raising two of our granddaughters. One is 16 and other is 9. My daughter passed away in 2010 from having H1N1(swine flu). She was separated from her husband, not legally, and lived in a different state. He chose drugs over his wife and children. He got in trouble and was sentenced to 20 yrs in prison. He is getting out in June 2020 on early release. I have had the 9 yr old since she was born. I brought her home from the hospital, and the 16 yr old i’ve had for around 8 years. I have guardianship of both. He wants to take them away from me after he gets out. He will be staying with his mom in Arkansas and I live in Indiana. I want to adopt. He will fight me on this. I was told I would probably lose. Can someone please help me? If you have any information that might help please let me know. Thank You

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