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Grandparents' Rights in Oklahoma - OK Visitation, Custody, and Legal Strategies to Fight for Your Grandchildrens Best Interests Through OK Family Law

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Oklahoma grandparents’ legal rights, guidelines, regulations, and rules of law allow you to ask for visitation, and temporary custody of your grandchildren. OK grandparents can also file for full custody, guardianship, or adoption, to raise their grand-kids, through a OK family law custody court judicial process. The proper legal advice, guidance, and strategies are key to ensure a successful outcome to any predicament regarding your grandchildren. Fortunately, studies have shown that the “Best Interests” for your grandchildren is that they have an active relationship with their grandparents. Grandfathers and grandmothers can often provide a healthier and more stable environment than the children’s biological parents. As a result, Oklahoma’s “Best Interest of the Child” guideline fully supports a grandparents’ rights for visitation and custody. The legal extent to which you can visit, provide, and support your grandchildren will need to be determined and approved through a OK family law court hearing litigation process.

Children are all too often kept from their grandparents, or exposed to abuse and neglect. Typically, most if not all of these circumstances Grandparents Visitation and Custody Rights - Grandchildren Need Grandparents Help Protecting Them from Abuse and Neglectare completely out of their control. This unhealthy environment is a damaging situation for children’s emotional and physical well-being. Children often don’t have a voice to be heard, and it is our responsibility as grandparents to be that voice. A voice that defends, supports, protects, and cares for all grandchildren that so desperately need our help.

The Oklahoma Judicial Legal System Recognizes the Importance of Grandparents’ Rights Regarding Visitation and Custody of Grandchildren; and Fully Understands That Abuse and Neglect are Prevalent in OK Families.

OK family law fully acknowledges the ability for grandparents to provide a positive and stable environment. An environment, which is able to provide leadership, and a parenting platform so many children desperately need. Grandchildren even spending limited time with their grandparents can help provide the much-needed comfort and security that children require on a regular basis.

The situation grandchildren are exposed to varies greatly. Some are in a positive stable environment, and grandparents are simply denied access or may be allowed very limited contact with their grandchildren. The other end of the spectrum is a situation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you can prove your grandchildren are being subjected to an abusive and neglectful environment, the Oklahoma judicial system will act quickly and forcefully on your behalf. Don’t think for one second that as grandparents your rights will be restricted or limited. Remember, the “Best Interest of the Children” is a standard that is fully recognized and supported in the state of Oklahoma.

If your grandchildren are in an abusive or neglected environment you may file a petition for a OK child protective proceeding. If abuse, neglect, or imminent danger exist, child protective services may enforce an emergency removal of the children and place them into protective custody. A child protective proceeding is typically followed by a number of court hearings. A fact-finding court hearing is set to determine if the allegations are true. A dis-positional hearing is set to decide what should be done if the child has been neglected or abused. Finally, a permanency hearing is set to determine and finalize the permanent placement and security of the children.

It’s important to recognize, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was established to ensure that any Broken Families, Marriages, Relationships, Children, Teenagers, and Parents Need Help Nowchild custody litigation occurs in the child’s “home state”. The “home state” is defined as the last state where a child has lived for 6 consecutive months with a parent. This act was adopted to discourage parents from moving out-of-state in an attempt to manipulate the judicial system for whatever reason. Parental attempted kidnapping by moving children to another state or jurisdiction was one of the main reasons the UCCJEA was adopted.

Oklahoma Grandparents’ Legal Rights, Guidelines, Regulations, and Rules of Law Enable You to Defend Your Visitation Rights, Fight for Custody, or the “Best Interests” of Your Grandchildren Through OK Family Law.

The modification to your grandchild’s custody situation may be modified in Oklahoma on your behalf. In some cases it will be a temporary modification based on a continuing effort of both parents to SUCCESSFULLY overcome the obstacles that prevent them from retaining full custody again. Parents inability to provide a safe, stable, humane, and secure home environment can be due to many different factors, including but not limited to: (substance abuse, incarceration, mental health issues, anger management, poor leadership skill sets, endangerment, physical abuse, emotional abuse, domestic violence, divorce, etc.). In other cases you may be awarded full custody. Often times, full custody comes with the option to legally adopt your grandchildren.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you have no legal rights in the state of Oklahoma when it Grandparents Legal Rights for Visitation and Child Custody - Family Law Custody Court Judicial Procedurescomes to your grandchildren. OK family law will help ensure your grand-kids get what they deserve and need. Remember to focus your efforts on their “Best Interests” at all times. Your grandchildren will thank you when they are mature enough to realize the decisions and sacrifices you made for them and their future.

I cannot stress enough, the fact that grandchildren need their grandparents. For some grand-kids seeing their grandparents on a regular basis is the best option. Others need to be removed from a physically and emotionally damaging environment permanently. Grandparents are often the first and best option for children to find the stable and secure environment they desperately need and deserve. Check out the links below to help secure visitation with your grandchildren, or fight for the rights of someone who is unable to defend themselves.

The time to act is now, because all children deserve the best that our society has to offer. As a Oklahoma grandparent you have rights. Grandparents Visitation and Child Custody Rights, Laws, Advice, Support, and Dispute Resolution Through Negotiation and Court LitigationThese rights enable you to request visitation, and also allow you to be a voice for someone who may desperately need your help and support. Life can come with many challenges, but if you believe that everything happens for a reason then life’s challenges will suddenly become an obstacle with a manageable solution. Don’t forget, Oklahoma grandparents’ legal rights, regulations, guidelines, and rules of law, regarding grandchild visitation and custody, were also legislated for guidance, advice, and strategies to support the “Best Interests of the Children” standard through OK family law.

9 Responses to “Oklahoma (OK) Grandparents’ Rights for Visitation, Custody, and Support”

  1. Debbie Hawkins says:

    My son gave up rights to my grandson in Oklahoma. My grandson’s step dad adopted him, but promised I would still get to see him if I didn’t fight the adoption. So I didn’t, now when I ask to see my grandson I am being told no. So I don’t know what to do.

  2. Linda Edwards says:

    My grandson gave up custody of my great Grandson last may 20th. I’m currently trying to get custody of him, and still going to court. I was the next person in line to get custody of him. I was told he is now out of the country. CPS gave temporary custody of him to another couple, who are strangers. We had a court date on October 30th last month to finalize the adoption, but no one showed up for the hearing except for me and my attorney. I want custody of him, they have no reason to give me custody. My attorney Taylor Burke has tried to get a hold of the social worker in charge of the kids who is my great Grandsons half sister. However, Malesha Lucus, the social worker, refuses to except calls from my attorney or return any of the messages he leaves her. What should I do?

  3. Nichole Nichols says:

    I want to eliminate my mother from seeing my daughter permanently. I also want to cease any future contact or attempts to unlawfully fabricated delusions to take her from me because my mother is an unfit mother and grandmother. She uses manipulation and sickness mentally to try and destroy my family.

  4. Kimbo says:

    My daughter-in-law is keeping me from seeing my grandson and my kids from seeing him. I kissed him on the head and she freaked and told me I don’t respect her. I have tried everything. I don’t understand why she’s preventing us from seeing him when her Dad is an alcoholic and they live in poor conditions. I am a Mother of four, and always have worked and been there for my children and other grandchildren. I believe it’s a control thing on her part. Now I am not even seeing my son because he doesn’t want to fight with her. Is there anything I can do to get visitation. I want to be part of his life. All she keeps telling my son is I don’t respect her?? This is really hard on us because my other sons daughter was the same age and just passed away from SIDS.

  5. Helena says:

    My daughter and granddaughter actually live in the home with me. When my grandchild was about 8 months old I came home from work to find my grandchild hog tied up by her father. I instantly kicked him out of my house, and we have not had any contact with him for 3 1/2 yrs because he has been in prison. While he was there, I found letters that he had been writing my daughter asking her to come visit him and bring my grandchild with her, and to also smuggle him drugs in to the prison. Recently he has gotten out and is in contact with my daughter, and she has been taking my grandchild to visit with him. I care for my grandchild 95% of the time and I think this relationship with him is so unhealthy. He has been abusive with my daughter in the past. What can I do to protect my grandchild from this situation, because her mother seems to think what he did is not so bad, since its been a few years?

    • phyllis says:

      You should go right away to file for grandparents rights or custody because your daughter may run off with him and you will never see her.

  6. Terry Martin says:

    My son is divorced from my grandchildren’s mother. They are 15, 10, and 8. He has a live in friend who rules him. We have had a difference of opinion regarding things concerning the 15 year old. I am not allowed to visit my grandchildren even though they have lived with me at times. What are my rights regarding visitation?

  7. Ester says:

    My daughter and granddaughter have lived with us for 3 1/2 years, and my daughter met a guy and moved in with him after a few weeks of dating and left her daughter with me. Now she has a new baby, and is in a abusive relationship. He is controlling and jealous all the time even if she wants to be with her family. Now they want her daughter back,but they do not have jobs and are on welfare. We have temporary guardianship, and now they are accusing us of sexual abuse. Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) has now removed her from us, and put her with the boyfriends parents, whom don’t except her as a grandchild. We have an attorney and the DHS representative is telling me we have no rights as grandparents in the state of Oklahoma. She is treating us like we are guilty, and they are saints. What can be done to insure the safety of our granddaughter, because if they get to keep her we will never see either of the kids again because of his controlling behavior.

  8. Christina mewherter says:

    There was an argument between my daughter and I. Afterwards my son-in-law got upset and they attacked me for not helping them move over a weekend and have taken my grand children away from me to whom I have helped with support, clothing, food, diapers, utilities, and house payments or rent. They are 1, 3, 5, and 6 and I have been there in their life at least once a week since birth if not more. My daughter is a wonderful mother, and I don’t want custody I just want rights to see them like I did and I’m scared if a stupid argument can do this to a grandmother and her babies what would happen if something bad was to happen to my daughter. I don’t think I would ever see them again if I didn’t have something in legal writing before. Any advice?

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